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At the 2018 ElevatorLab Challenge competition, we have been awarded by the Raiffeisen Bank as the best fintech startup in Serbia.


We won a 2018 Startup Accelerator organized by the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in the competition with startups from other industries.

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This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS (grant agreement No 824509).

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We’re changing the way businesses pay and get paid

Lack of liquidity is a major cause of instability in SME companies. There were difficulties with collecting your receivables or accelerating growth. These problems are no longer problems. On a mission to enable accessible short term financing for SMEs through invoice factoring, we developed Finspot - an online platform that turns your invoices into cash in just 24h!

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Empowering your clients through:

Invoice factoring module

Expand your client base with a solution that can quickly provide on demand liquidity to SMEs. Sign up process in a matter of minutes.

Supply chain financing module

Supply Chain Finance solution enables bank's clients to improve working capital by extending payment terms to thousands of their suppliers.

Each module features

Invoice verification and document management system

Invoice can be verified by the debtor. Financing request supplemented by a DMS system.

Built in communication channels for bank and their clients

Each action on the platform is followed by a notification or appropriate email.

Accounting module integrates with existing core system

Our platform adapts to bank’s current accounting software through flexible API.

A factoring process with a face

Tangible benefit for your clients include:

    1. On demand financing

  • If a client has good quality receivables, bank can now make a decision in a matter of minutes.
  • 2. Real time tracking of financing requests

  • Users can see current status of their request, and provide additional documentation if required.
  • 3. On platform communication

  • All parties get notified each time an action is required from them to complete process.
  • 4. Liquidity monitoring

  • We’ll show user's outflow analytics for each day of the month so they can properly manage their liquidity.

Who we are

Between is a team on a mission to enable accessible short term financing for SMEs through invoice factoring. We started out as a team of three.

Jovan, a software engineer who has worked in a bank where he gained experience in the inner workings of a financial institution while at the same time implementing comprehensive software solutions.

Miljan, who has a bachelor’s and a master's degree in finance. Previously, he worked in the Netherlands for a corporate data analytics company, and after that continued to manage his family company, where he faced first-hand what difficulties SMEs face when requesting short-term financing.

Ognjen is a seasoned software engineer and our CTO with over 10 years of experience. He previously worked as an SWE and later team lead at Zuehlke Engineering.

Additionally, we added two software engineers, Milutin and Ksenija, to speed up the product development.

Now, with all puzzle pieces perfectly matched together, we keep bringing innovative solutions for SME’s financing problems.

Miljan Gudelj

Miljan Gudelj

Co-founder and Business
Jovan Milovanović

Jovan Milovanović

Co-founder and CEO


"As the winner of the startup accelerator of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce in 2018, the startup Between won one-year program of mentoring by the members of the Board of Directors of the Chamber in all aspects of business: legal, market, financial and project, and further business development. The whole team, formed by young people, mostly economic profile, proved to be not only creative when it comes to ideas but also to have a professional approach in working and communicating with mentors and potential clients. We believe that they are on the right path towards realizing their goals and selling themselves on the fintech market.”

Sanja Ivanić, Director General of the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“Between d.o.o. participated in Elevator Lab Challenge 2018 in Serbia, startup acceleration program organized by Raiffeisen International, as one of the largest ones in the CEE region, aiming to identify and engage promising fintech startups by applying and testing their solutions across the network of 13 countries. With an innovative solution for blockchain, Between d.o.o. won the 1st prize based on the jury’s feedback consisting of senior industry experts, that qualified Between d.o.o. to join Elevator Lab semifinals competing with top 30 fintech startups from CEE region out of 300+ other startups that joined the program in total. We are happy to recommend Between d.o.o. as a young and perspective team that is driving the company’s growth, as well as highly reliable and accountable partners."

Raiffeisen Bank